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Research and Reference Services


         India - A reference annual

This is our much-awaited yearbook, being certainly the most authentic document on India, providing a factual overview of Government Policies and programmes.

         Mass Media in India

One more annual to come out of the R.R & T. D, it encapsulates information on mass communication in India in all its aspects, at the national, state and institutional levels.

         Events 2000

This Programme Calendar gives a comprehensive picture of various events scheduled for the year.


  • Development Digest

Want to know how India is faring overall? Our 'Development Digest' packs the essentials for you in a monthly capsule.


  • The Diary

If you are looking 'backward' to an eventful fortnight, go to surfing on the RRTD newstide, 'The Diary', for information on all that is happening on the national and international scene.

  • Media Update

In the fast-changing world of media the 'Media Update' helps you keep in step with the latest fortnightly scenario.

Regular Services

National Documentation Centre Services

         Current Awareness Services

This  all-in-one monthly contains an annotated list of contemporary mass media news from radio, television and film to press, journalism and advertising.

         Bibliography Service

This quarterly service furnishes an annotated list of articles appearing in journals, newspapers, books, reports, etc., thereby reflecting trends and views in the media.

         Bulletin on Films

This monthly mass media service not only provides a monthly scoop of film related infomation but also trains the eye on the role of films and the film movement in general.

         Who's Who in Mass Media

This monthly publication is a paper-profile of a single celebrity in the field of mass media.

         Honours Conferred on Mass communicators

Released every six-months, this paper lists the men and women of note in media and the hounours conferred on them in the current year.

         Reference Information Service

Here is a service window that caters to information-seekers on a platter. The film buff has a rich fare to pick from-International Film Festivals, Film Certification, National Film Awards, what-have-you. A six monthly service.

         Special  Services

"Compendium of broadcast laws"  was released in May'99.

"National Film awards - a compendium" was released in June'99.

"Fifty years of Independence, a diary of events " was  released in August'99.