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Cultural revolution in China.
National Book Agency,
338.47677 Eco
Economic and Scientific Research Foundation Textiles 1960-19
Economic and Scientific Research,
607.2 Eco
Economic and Scientific Research Foundation, New Delhi
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Copyright Act, 1957 alongwith the copyright (amendment)acts, 30515 Eastern,
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Cowles Encyclopedia of Nations.
Cowles Encylopedia of Nations,
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HOLIDAY RESORTS of Himachal Pradesh: A travellers' guide. 26029,26028 Nest & Wings,
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HOLIDAY RESORTS of Madhya Pradesh. 26031 Nest & Wings,
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HOLIDAY RESORTS of Nepal: A travellers guide. 26032 Nest & Wings,
R 305 Dai
Daily mail year-book.
Associated Newspapers,
954.7 Cre
Crescent and green; a miscellany of writings on Pakistan.
330.973 Eco
Economic Almanac.
National Industrial Conference Board,
341.67 GAN
Gandhi Marg;monthly journal of the Gandhi Peace Foundation, 28781
327 Cur
Current Affairs; India Pakistan and the world.
A. Mukerjee,
327 Cur
Current Affairs.
Malhotra Brothers,
327 Cur
Current events year book; guide to world politics and events
Current Events
335.4 Chi
Chinese communes; a documentary review and analysis of the
Soviety Survey,
323.2 Gan
Gandhiji's correspondence with the government 1942-44, 2nd.
Navajivan Publishing House,
323.2 Gan
Gandhi-Jinnah talks; text of correspondence and other
Hindustan Times,
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Condensed Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. 28622 Sri Ramkrishna Math,
R 001 Cow
Cowles volume library
Cowles Education Corporation,

370.10954 EDU
Education for our People; a Policy Frame for the Development 26882 Allied,
070 Edi
Editor and Publisher International yearbook.
Editor and Publisher,
330.952 Eco
Economic survey of Japan 1959-61.
Japan Times,
971 Can
Canada one hundred 1867-1967; prepared in the Canada Year-
Qeens Printer and Controller of Stationery,
R31701 Can
Canada; the official handbook of present conditions and 14459,796,14733,606 comp, 869 comp 732 comp 3174-C Canada Year-book Section
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Canada Yearbook; official statistical annual of the
King's Printer and Controller of Stationery,
717.1 Can
Canadian almanac and legal and court directory.
Copp Clark Company,
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Economic survey of Japan (1955-56).
Economic Planning Board,
301.32 ECO
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. 3299-C United Nations,
338.9 MAT
Economic development in the third Worls countries (with spec 29006
338.17354 ECO
Economic and Scientific Research Association, India Exchange
The Author,
912 Eco
Economical and statistical atlas of Madhya Pradesh.
Directorate of Economics and Statistics,
660 Che
Chemical India handbook and directory.
Technical Press Publications,
327 Chi
China and South-East Asia;
a special issue of the YUVA Newsletter,
338 Che
Chemical India handbook and directory, 7th ed.
Technical Press Pub.
315.1 Chi
China handbook 1937-1943; a comprehensive survey of major
Chinese Ministry of Information,
329.954 DOC
Documents of the History of the Communist Party of India. 24255, 27459, 24827, 26245 People's Publishing House.
328.42 Ear
Earl of Oxford and Asquith Fifty years of Parliament.
327.954 Dal
Dalai Lama and India; Indian public and Prime Minister on
The Indian Institute of National Affairs,
335.43 ECO
Economic Leage Limited. Pub. Agitators: Extremist activities 25070 The Economic League Limited. n.d
334.6 Coo
Co-operative farmng; the great debate between Jawahrlal
Democratic Research Service,
342.54 CON
Constitution of India: as amended up to the Constitution 29938 Law Publishers,
342.542 Con
Constitution of the kingdom of Nepal.
Nepal Trading Corporation,
341.1 Chr
Chronicle of principal events relating to peace and security
Shihcheh chihshih,
910.3 Gaz
Gazetteer of the Hazara District 1907.
Chatto & Windus,
342.51 Con
Constitution of the People's Republic of China.

R 706.9 CON
Contemporary Artists by Colin Naylo: and Genesis P-Orridge. 28309 St. James Press,
301 Con
Contributions to Indian sociology.
The Hauge, Mouton & Co.,
943.7 CZE
Czechoslovakia : Culture.
338.91 Coo
Co-operation for progress in Nepal.
Min. of I. & B.,
342.9581 Con
Constitution of Afghanistan.

334 Coo
Cooperative law in India; a disquisition.
Indian co-operative Union,
B Gan
Gleanings gathered at Bapu's feet.
Navajivan Publishing House,
334 Coo
Cooperative leadership in South-East Asia; a collection of
Asia Pub. House,
954.799 Goa
Goa Daman and Diu; a reference annual 1964.
Govt. of Goa Daman and Diu,
796.48 Gli
Glimpses of Asia; Tokyo Olympics in October 1964.
Asia Cooperation,
330.952 Gli
Glimpses of Asia.
Asia Cooperation,
572 Vid
Conflict tension and cultural trend in India.
Vidyarthi, L.P ed.
620.136 Con
Concrete Association of India Concerete Engineers' handbook.
the author,
341.650265 GEN
Geneva Conventions of 1949. 29526 Natraj Publishers,
329.954 Con
Congress presidential addresses from the silver to the
G.A. Natesan,
384.554 FUT
Future of broadcasting: A report presented to the social 24211 Eyre Methuen,
315.479 Guj
Gujarat Directorate of Information Gujarat 1961; a reference

070 Cas
Casell's directory of publishing in Great Britain the
350 Fun
Eundamental rules explained.

613.2 Foo
Food and nutrition.
Department of Food,
330.954142 Foc
FOCUS ON West Dengal. 23174 Smatat Parkashan,
R 971.4 FOC
Focal Encyclopaedia of Film & Television Techniques. 27278 Focal Press,
070.58 Fle
Fleet street annual.
Fleet Publications,
342.54 Con
Constitution of India,
Manager Publications,
327.954 Chi
Chinese betrayal of India,
K.M. Menon,
R 342.54 CON
Constitution of India. 25686 Central Law Agency,
778.5 FILM
Film Maker's Guide To Super-8. 28139 SHeptow Publishing,
332 Fin
Finance and commerce in federal India.
791.4 Fil
Film world a current study of international films and film
M. Ranganathan,
329.954 Con
Congress Presidential Addresses.
G.A. Natesan & Co.,
R 745.1 CON
Connoisseur complete encyclopedia of Antiques. 30885 Connoissuer,
315.125 Hon
Hong Kong annual Report.
Hong Kong Government Press,
491.43203 Con
Consolidated glossary of technical terms; English-Hindi.
Central Hindi Directorate
371.33 Edu
Educational television; the next ten years.
The Institute for Communication Research,
647.97058 FIN
FINANCIAL Times World Hotel Directory 1975/6. 25085 The Financial Times Ltd.,
330.954 YAD

32241, 32242, 32243
R 910.3 Col
Columbia lippincott gazetter of the world ed. by Leon E.
Oxford University Press,
R 032 Col
Columbia encylopedia, 2nd ed.
Columbia University Press,
070.46 Col
Columbia Broadcasting System Television news reporting.
McGraw Hill Books,
327.1 COL
COLOMBO Summit : Documents & selected speeches of the Fifth 25620 People's Publishing House,
922 Cha
Chaitanya to Vivekananda; lives of the saints of Bengal.
G.A. Natesan,
R603 Cha
Chambers's technical dictionary 3rd rev. ed.
W. & R. Chambers,
423.9143 CHA
Chambers English-Hindi Dictionary. 28205,28204,29737,30025 Allied Publishers,
793.31954 Cla
Classical and folk dances of India.
Marg Publications,
R032 Cha
Chambers's Encyclopedia World Survey
George Newnes
951 Com
Communist China 1960.
Union Research Institute,
032 Col
Collins new age encyclopedia world atlas and sports
R032 Cha
Chambers's encyclopaedia.
George Newnes,
423 McL
(The) Collins Dictionary and Thesaurus (in one volume) 31137.31222
791.43 FIL
Film daily year book of motion pictures, 1962.(44th edition)

915.4 Cal
Calcutta Guide.

951 Fes
Fessler, Loren and the Editors of Life China.
Time-life International,
631.8 Fer
Fertiliser statistics 1959.
Fertiliser Association of India,
954.142 Cal
Calcutta-today a comprehensive survey published by sales and
Rupa & co,
294.5 Gur
Gurdwara reform movement and the Sikh awakening.

901.9 Cib
Ciba Foundation Symposium Civilization & science in conflict 23201 Elsevier,
R 503 CON
Concise Science Dictionary. 30005 Oxford University Press,
403 Con
Concise Oxford Disctionary of current English.
Clarendon Press,
297 Con
Concise history of Islam; with many maps, photographs and
R 001.603 CON
Concise encyclopaedia of information technology by Ardien V. 28817 Gower Publishing Col,
R 925 CON
CONCISE DICTIONARY of scientific biography. 29673 Charles Saribner's Sons,
R 780.3 CON
Concise dictionary of music edited by Michael Kennedy. 31537 Omega Books,
R 340.03 CON
Concise Dictionary of Law. 29752 Oxford University Press,
R 031 CON
Concise columbia encyclopaedia. 29772
327 Com
Commonwealth Relations Office List.
901.9 Com
Comprendre Revue De Politique De La Culture.
Societe Europeenne De Culture Press La Biennale venise,
R 378 Com
Commonwealth universities yearbook 1962; a directory of
Association of Universities of the British Commonwealth,
R 491.43 Com
Comprehensive English Hindi Dictionary.
R 000 Com
Competion Succes Review Year Book edited by S.K. Sachdeva. 29479 Competion Review,
R 423 COL
Collins Dictionary of the English Language, Edited by 27926 Collins,
703 Col
Collins music encyclopedia by J.A. Westrup and F. Ll.
B Mah
Citizen king; biography of Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Deva
Nepal Trading Corporation,
951 Com
Communist China 1955-1959 policy documents with analysis.
Harvard Univ. Press,
951 Com
Communist China 1949-1959.
Union Research Institute,
382 Exp
Export promotion; a review of current policies and
Federation of British Industries,
R 500 Com
Compton's dictionary of the natural sciences.
F. E. Compton,
338.73058 DIB
Directory of joint stock companies in India, 1985. Vol.1(A-D 365440 Ministry of Industry, Department of company affairs.
R330.95 ASI
Far Eastern Economic Review Asia Year book. 25691,27070,28171,29909,30274, the author.
R 491.433 DIC
Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi and English by John T. 15634, 28620 Oxford University,
R 909 DIC
Dictionary of human geography edited by R.J.Johnston. 28830 Blackwell Reference,
340.3 DIC
Dictionary of Law, by L.B.Curzon. 27919 Macdonald and Evans,
R 920 Dic
Dictionary of national biography. Part II 1901-1950.
R 925 DIC
DICTIONARY OF scientific biography. 21485, 21486, 22595, 24216, Charles Scribner's Sons.
R 001 DIC
DICTIONARY OF the history of ideas: Studies of selected pivo 23978-81 Charles Scribner's Sons.
R 900 DIC
DICTIONARY OF world history. 23969 Nelson,
305 Emp
Empire and Commonwealth Year Book.
Empire Economic Union,
R 920.6 AJE
Directory of Indian women today.

796.03 ENC
Encyclopaedic dictionary of sports by Lokesh Thani. 32009 Heritage,
610.7 IND
Directory of medical teaching manpower in India 1967. Librar 1880-c, 1881-c Government of India.
338.64 Dir
Directory of small industries of Delhi.
Cosmopolitan Trade Linkers,
341.61 DIS
DISARMAMENT: The path to peace. 20763 Her Majesty's Stationery Office,
378 Elp
Elphinstone college centenary commemoration lectures.
Elphistone College Centenary Celebration Committee,
R 327 DOC
Documents of the Gatherings of Non-Aligned Countries 1961-79 3354-C, 3487-C External Affairs(Min. Of-) Ext. Publicity Division,
923.2 Dod
Dod's parliamentary companion.
Business Dictionaries,
R 610.3 DOR
Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary; 22nd edn. 27633 Oxford,

Gazetteer of India and Pakistan.
Director of Military Survey,
615.532 Dir
Directory and who's who of homeoeopathic practitioners
B.Jain Publishers,
R032 Enc
Encyclopedia year book.

371.3352 Edu
Education Film Guide.
341.13 Eve
Everyman's United Nations 1945-55; a ready reference to the
United nations Department of Public Information,
423 Eve
Everyman's smaller classical dictionary.
J.M. Dent,
928 Eve
Everyman's dictionary of literary biography English and
J.M. Dent,
330 COl
COLOMBO PLAN for co-operative economic development in 2197-C Colombo Plan Bureau,
R 902 Eve
Everyman's dictionary of dates compiled by C. Arnold-Baker
382 Eur
European Free Trade Association today and tomorrow.
Business International,
R305 EUR
Europa Yearbook. 26843,28306,28182,28183,30372 Europa, Publications.
920 Emi
Eminent Mussalmans.
G.A. Natesan,
315.4 Eng
Engineering Association of India Statistical handbook 1964.
the author,
R001 FAC
Fact Finder. 31492 Galley press,
032 ENC
Encyclopedia of world knowledge. 24875-88 the author,
973 Cam
Cambridge modern history.
Cambridge University Press,
R703 Enc
Encyclopedia of world art.
McGraw-Hill, 1959
R639.03 ENC
(The) Encyclopedia of Vanished Species by David Day. 31592 McLaren,
R303 Sel
Encyclopaedia of the social sciences.
E.R.A. ed.
R503 Enc
Encyclopedia of science and technology.
McGraw Hill Book Co.,
549.03 ENC
Encyclopedia of minerals and Gemstones edited by Michael 28384 Orbis Publishing,
039.54 ENC
Encyclopaedia of India. 32043,32044,32045,32046,32047 Ed. by P.N. Chopra.
954 ESS
Essays in honour of Prof. S.C. Sarkar. 25499 People Publishing House,
R 920.02 HIN
Hinduja Foundation encyclopaedla of nobel laureates 31344 Konark pub.
359 How
How to become an officer in the Royal Indian Navy; being a
Government of India Press,
R355 Bra
Brassey's Annual; the Armed Forces Year Book.
915.425 HIL
HILL RESORTS of Uttar Pradesh: A travellers' guide. 26030 Nest & Wings,
R314.2 LON
Britain; An official handbook. 3039-C 3032-C 3195-C 3318-C Central Office of Information
503 Bri
Britannica yearbook of science and the future.
Encyclopaedia Britannica.
R 915.452 Him
Himachal Pradesh District Gazetters.

603 How
How things work.
Heron Books,
072.06 BRI
Research Series 5. Concentration of wonership in the Provin-

R 315.4 Hin
Hindustan year-book and who's who. 25986,27338,27871,24052-53, 30264,30592
260 Her
Heritage of the Indian Christian; the story of the Christian
016.37 Ind
Indian National Commission for Unesco Education for
the author,
015.54 Ind
Indian publisher and bookseller.
Popular Book Depot,
079.54 Ind
Indian press yearbook.
Indian press.
636.5 IND
INDIAN Poultry industry yearbook 1975-76. 24893 Shakuntala P. Gupta,
338.27282 Ind
Indian Petroleum.
954 Ill
Illustrations of the history and practices of the Thugs.
B Gan
Immortal Mahatma.
Wamam P. Kabadi, illus
915.4 Imp
Imperial Gazetteer of India.
Clarendon Press,
338.954 Inv
Investor's India year-book 55th ed.
Siddons & Cough
015.54 Imp
Impex reference catalogue of Indian books.
Indian Book Export and Import Co.,
791.4058 HYD
HYDERABAD FILM diary, 1974. 2226-C Pragati,
015.54 Ind
Indian National Bibliography. 13800, 17046, 26791 to 23794 Central Reference Library,
015.54 IND
Indian national bibliography. 23791-94 Central Reference Library.
796.52 Ind
Indian Mount Everest expedition 1965.
Min. of Defence,
759.954 Ind
Indian miniatures of the Moghul school.
491.4 Ind
Indian linguistics.
Linguistics Society of India,
R 315.4 Ind
India, a statistical outline. 3rd ed. 25809 Oxford & IBH Publishing Co.,
336.2 Ind
India National Council of Applied Economic Research.
Asia Publishing House,
915.4 IMP
IMPERIAL GAZETTEER of India: The Indian empire. 8V. 23577-84, 23837-40, 23955-58, 24081-84, 24247-50, Today & Tomorrow's,
903 R INT
International Geographic Encyclopedia and Atlas. 28046 Macmillan,
R 305.8 Int
International year book and Statesmen's who's who. 26351,26996,27543,30623 Burke's Peerage,
R 920 Int
International who's who? 28055, 26342, 29184, 29489, 30373, 31541, 31349 Europa Publications,
382 Int
International trade 1956.
R 621.388 INT
INTERNATIONAL television almanac 1973. 23805 Quigley,
823 Int
International short stories (second series).
Hindustan Times,
070 INT
International Seminar of Journalists in Tashkent 3-9
Novosti Press Agency Publishing House,
341.11 Int
International organisations.
Allen & Unwin,
925 Ind
Indian scientists, biographical sketches.
R 032 Hut
Hutchinson's twentieth century encyclopaedia; rev. 3rd ed.
R 305.8 Inf
Information please almanac.
R 303

International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences. 27859 Macmillan Company & The Free Press-
R 808.8 INT
International Dictionary of Thoughts; an encyclopedia of 27255 J.G.Ferguson,
384.5 Int
International conference of Broadcasting Organizations on
Radiotelevision Italiana.


954.7 Ins
Inside Pakistan.
Rajkamal Prakashan,
301.243 INT
International Communication Association Yearbook. 27563, 27623, 27628, 31272 Transaction Books,
791.4 Hyd
Hyderabad Film Diary 1971.
Hyderabad State Film Chamber of Commerece,
R 331.0954 Ind
Indian Labour Year book,
Manager of Publications.
R 791.43 INT
INTERNATIONAL MOTION picture almanac, 1973. 23804 Quigley,
901.951 Ind
India's heart is one with China; Generalissimo and Madame

915.4 IND
INDIA & NEPAL: A travel handbook. 26035 Travel International.
338.951 IND
338.0954 Ind
Industrial India Annual 1970.
United Assia Publications
338 Ind
Industrial India Annual.
327.540547 Ind
INDO-PAKISTAN Western boundary case tribunal: Constituted 2045-C Govt. of India Press,
919.1 Ind
Indonesia unique in contrast culture and change.
Ministry of Information,
040 GAN
Indira Gandhi On Non-Alignment: a collection of speeches, 3494-C, 3495-C Indian Institute for Non-Aligned Studies,
338.0954 Ind
Industry in India 1964.
Industry and Trade Services,
342.54 Ind
India's seed time.
Central Publication Branch,
R 079.54 INF
INFA press and advertisers year book. 16041,27625,17125,18250,19397,20175,21127,21128
382.6 IND
INDIA'S ECONOMIC relations with East European countries. 23775 Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Alumni Association,
323.2 Ind
India's destiny.
Pioneer Press,
327.954 Ind
Indian yearbook of international affairs.

338.47 Ind
Indian Textile Journal Souvernir number; centenary of the
Indian Textile Journal,
338.17 Ind
Indian Sugar.
Sugar Mills Association,
329.954 Ind
Indian communist party documents 1930-1956.
Democratic Research Service,
920.054 IND
India Who's Who, 20774,21475,21433,24296,24613,25761,26476,26477,27 INFA Publications
954.05 SAT
India since independence; studies in the development of the 30206
R 920

India who's who.
INFA Publications,
791.43 Ind
Indian Films.
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.
070 Ind
Indian Press Directory.
Times of India,
923.4 Ind
Indian judges; biographical & critical sketches with
327.954 Ind
India China border problem.
Bureau of Parliamentary,
R 368 Ind
Indian Insurance yearbook.
Manager, of Publications
351.2 Ind
India office and Burma office list 1947.
338.0954 Ind
Indian Industries.

338 Ind
Indian Industries 5th ed.
Indian Industries,
332.1 IND
Industry & Civil Supplies, Ministry of Facilities for non- 25362 the Author,
338.954 IND
INDIAN INDUSTRIAL joint ventures abroad.
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry,
954.1 IND
India, Army Head-Quarters, Chief of the Staff, Division of-, 29083 Cultural Publishing House,
R 528 IND
INDIAN EPHEMERIS and nautical almanac for the year 1975. 3061, 3061A, 3107-C Controller of Publication
338.4 Ind
Indian Engineering Industries, 7th ed.
Engineering Association of India,
325.254 Ind
Indian emigration.
330.954 Ind
Indian economic yearbook.
Kitab Mahal,
332.1722954 IND
Indian Economic Conference. Savings behaviour in India: 25480
321.4 Ind
Indian Democracy in the Asian Background, report of the
Allied Publishers Private Ltd.,
039.911 Ind
Indian cyclopedia

796.358 Ind
Indian cricket field annual.
338.954 Ind
Indian industries.
Industry & Trade Services,
070 His
Hislop journalist No. 2 - 1962
Journal of the Department of Journalism,
338.27282 Ind
Indian Petroleum handbook, 1962.
Petroleum Information Service,
920 His
History of services of officers holding gazetted
Manager of Publications,
R 901.9 His
History of mankind cultural and scientific development.
Allen & Unwin,
352.2 His
History of Madras police centenary (1859-1959).
Inspector General of Police,
329.947 His
History of the Communist party of the Soviet Union; short
Foreign Languages Publishing House,
040 HIS
History and Society; essays in honour of Professor 28289 K.P. Bagchi & Co.,
912 His
Historical atlas of the Muslim people.
384.55 Ind
ITV 1965; a guide to independent television.
Independent Television Authority.
947 HIS
Historic Victory: Thirty years of the Crushing Defeat 3102-C Allied,
923.5 HIS
HISTORY Of services of officers holding gazetted 206 Manager of Publications,
331.1 His
His Highness the Duke of Edinburgh's study conference on
954.R003 CAM (The) Cambridge Encyclopedia of India Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the 31427 Cambridge University Press,
082 HOM 21898 Homer 21898 Grolier.
335.4 GHO 23532 Socialism democracy and nationalism in India. 23532 Allied,
923.254 GAN-HUN 26766 Hunt, James D. 26766 Promilla & Co.,
305.805493 COM 29874 Committee for Rational Development 29874 Navrang,
R 011 INT Archie Rugh International Books in Print 1981-1982 edited by Archie 28766, 28767 K.G.Saur Munchen,
355 Ful Armoured warfare; an annotated edition of fiteen lectures on operations of fifteen lectures on operations between
Eyre & Spottiswoode,
384.5 Bri B.B.C. BBC hand book.
794.103 BRA Brace, Edward R. Illustrated Dictionary of Chess. 28259 Hamlyn,
964 Bra Brace, R.M. Morocco, Algeria Tunisia.
Prentice Hall,
965 Bra Brace, Richard and Joan Ordeal in Algera.
D. Van Nostrand,
335.40991 Bra Brackman, A.C. Indonesian communism; a history.
F.A. Praeger,
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English Universities Press,
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Peter Owen,
947 Bra Bradley, John Allied intervention in Russia.
Weidenfeld & Nicolson,
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572.7 Bra Bradley-Birt, F.B. Story of an Indian upland.
Smith, Elder,
927.96358 BRA Bradman, Don. Farewell to Cricket. 28239 Rupa & Company,
796.34 Bra Brady, Maurice Encyclopaedia of lawn tennis.
Robert Hale,
133.4 Bra Brahmachari, Dhirendra Yogasana Vijnana; The Science of Yoga.
Asia Publishing House,
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330 Bra Brahmananda, P.R. Studies in the economics of Welfare maximization; some
Bombay University Press,
330.954 BRA Brahmananda, P.R. (The)Development Process of the Indian Economy, 30872 Himalaya Publishing House,
338.954 BRA Brahmananda, P.R. Planning for a Futureless Economy; a critique of the `6'th 27142 Himalaya,
301.35 BRA Brahmananda, P.R. & others, ed. Dimensions of rural development in India. 30806 Himalaya,
330.954 BRA Brahmananda, P.R. & Panchamukhi, V.R. Eds. The development process of the Indian economy. 31057 Himalaya Publishing House,
627.4 Bra Brahme, Sulabha and Gole, Prakash Deluge in Poona; aftermath and rehabilitation.
Asia Publishing House,
082 GAD Brahme, Sulabha, ed. Writings and Speeches of Prof, D.R. Gadgil on economic and 28405 Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics,
354.547 Bra Braibanti, Ralph Research on the bureaucracy of Pakistan, a critique of
Duke University Press,
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Duke Univ. Press,
330.954 Bra Braj Kishor Indian economy through the Plans.
National Publishing House,
823 Bra Bramah, Ernest Wallet of Kai Lung.
Jonathan Cape,
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Free Press,
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320.954 BRA Brass, Paul R. Language, religion and politics in North India. 24358 Vikas,
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Peter Owen,
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Pall Mall Press,
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Rural Community COuncil,
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Oxford Univ. Press,
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320.954 Bre Brecher, Michael Succession in India, a study in decision-making.
338 Bre Bredo, William Industrial estates; tool for industrialization.
Asia Pub. House,
090 Bre Breillat, Pierre Rare book section in the library.
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